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Unveiling Your Dream Safari: Ask the Right Questions with Bantu Pori Journeys

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Insider Safari Wisdom: 11 Packing Tips Our Team Can't Live Without

  Safari with Bantu Pori Journeys Preparing for a safari adventure often sparks a barrage of questions, and we understand your concerns. The team at Bantu Pori Journeys has been in your shoes, asking similar questions before embarking on our journeys to Tanzania. To ease your packing woes, we've compiled a list of insider tips that have proven invaluable for us and can help you gear up for your safari with confidence! Embrace Comfort on Long Travel Days Make your journey as enjoyable as the destination. Opt for comfort during flights that may span 24+ hours. Arrive at the airport in a comfortable outfit, and keep a readily accessible small bag with essentials to stay refreshed. Our team favorites include a versatile Patagonia jacket and noise-canceling headphones for catching up on sleep. Master the Art of Layering Safari days bring bright sun and cool nights. Given the fluctuating weather, layers are your best companions. Pack a light sweater or sweatshirt in your daypack for easy

Trip Report: Kilimanjaro Western Breach Route

  The Western Breach is a gap in the summit wall on the western side of Kibo that was caused by lava flow hundreds of thousands of years ago. It provides a challenging access point up to Uhuru Peak and can be incorporated into various routes on Kilimanjaro. The Western Breach can be approached from many of Kilimanjaro’s routes, including the Lemosho and Shira Route in the West, and the Machame and Umbwe Route in the South. The Umbwe Route is the most popular and demanding approach. Each day you will benefit from camps that have been professionally set up before your arrival by your private team of local porters. All amenities from dining tents, mess tents, to your own private tents will be at your disposal. We also feature 'A free toilet' tent unlike many other operators on the mountain. Why Try Western Breach Route? As the name says, the route leads through a breach in the crater wall. Where all other routes take you to the crater rim, climbing Kilimanjaro on the Western Breac

Book With Confidence 2021

  We take your confidence in booking extremely seriously and have made specific changes during COVID to give you the extra confidence you may be looking for. As always our 'Bantu Pori Journeys difference' sees your safaris and trekking trip designed by genuine experts and our background support sets the industry standards when you're away. We are proud to see that it is this approach to our business that sees us as one among the leading tour operator on TripAdvisor for client reviews, and has seen BPJ awarded the certificate of excellence 2019 & 2020. For every new booking, from the 15th August 2020 onward we have new terms for our clients. Below are our new 'top reasons' to book with confidence during COVID. Financial security - BPJ credit or postponement At the point of your final payment - just over two weeks before travel - we will discuss your booking with you. If COVID 19 is preventing you from traveling we will offer you the chance to postpone your tri

How to Get a PCR Test in Arusha ?

  Mount Meru Hospital - Arusha City Since the onset of COVID-19 and the immediate and dramatic subsequent loss in booking numbers suffered by tour operators as a consequence of travel restrictions imposed both by governments worldwide and initially, the Tanzanian government itself, it has been surprising to us that the Tanzanian government has not made more effort to make information available to prospective travelers explaining how to go about ensuring that they can comply with their own country's travel requirements on returning from their Kilimanjaro climb or Tanzanian safari. The following information is provided to reassure prospective climbers that there is a straightforward way to enjoy the incredible tourism and adventurous opportunities that Tanzania offers while ensuring that returning home afterward is stress-free. Where to get a PCR test in Arusha Mount Meru Referral Hospital  Location:,

New Standard Operating Procedures - COVID19

Our New Operating Standard Procedures (COVID-19).  Based on the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism National Standard Operating Procedures for management of the COVID-19 threat. These are the rules put in place to continue operations while at the same time protecting visitors. The items include: Thermal screening for arriving passengers. All contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Our Staff members will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when attending to guests and servicing guest areas. This doesn't mean you will been served or guided by guides or staff with full-on medical officers gears, or star wars like gears........NO NO NO...They will have gloves, masks and use hand sanitizers frequently. Hand washing and sanitizing facilities will be provided to guests and staff. Our Staff members will maintain a distance from one another and from guests at all times. Our staff on Mount Kilimanjaro are required to take extra precautions when packing, tran

Important information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Bantu Pori Journeys Bookings Policy

Kilimanjaro – Tanzania, 6th March 2020 At Bantu Pori Journeys we are attentive to all the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the local health authorities regarding the evolution of the coronavirus in Africa. Currently, none of the destinations that we operate are considered risk areas and there is no express travel ban, so, we will continue to operate our trips. However, travellers are our priority and for this reason we have modified our cancellation policy related to COVID-19. If there is an official travel ban or a departure notice from the country where the customer is based, Bantu Pori Journeys will apply the following exceptions to our usual terms and conditions: If a customer with a confirmed booking wish to cancel the trip, the deposit will be kept and can be redeemed during the next 12 months, from the date of the first day of the client's trip. To proceed with the cancellation, must be requested by mail ( ), between